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About Us

          Our company that blended the quality and customer focused understanding of production with the opportunities of developing technology began to produce various diapragm and piston pumps and equipments of fertilizer sprayers for plant prodection and agricultural machines at the beginning of 2000. Today by our mold production department, plastic injection department and metal injection department we are producing all reguested parts for our production line by our self and also we become the major supplier of many companies.


          Our company that is renovating its Machine Park with each passing day speeded up it works in all field by adding in its structure the staff specialist in their field and strengthened its works by obtaining European standards.


          Our company that determined its market stratengy as to be opened to Europe at the beginnings of 2008 took its firts step by obtaining CE Certificate.


          YAGBASAN will combine production on real-time and delivery guarantee with cinfidence and power from you and strengthen its production with technology by keeping satisfaction of customer in the forefront.